Hot Melt Glue Stick, 7mm Small - Black (1Pc)

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Black Color Hot Glue Sticks, expertly designed for diverse applications in Sri Lanka. Crafted with precision and a commitment to quality, these small-sized sticks (7mm) are perfect for a wide range of projects, providing transparency and dependable thermoplastic resin glue.


Color: Black
Size: 7mm x 200mm
Temperature: 110°C
Curing Method: Cooling
Viscosity: 18000±300
Type: Hot Melt Glue Sticks
Quantity: Price Per Piece

Key Features:

  • Fast Curing Speed: The EVA hot melt adhesive ensures quick curing, offering a swift solution for your projects. Its strong adhesion and inherent toughness make it a reliable choice.
  • Re-Adhesive Properties: The cured rubber layer can be reheated and melted again, allowing for re-adhesion, ensuring long-lasting and resilient bonds.
  • Standard Size Compatibility: Tailored to fit most hot melt glue guns with a standard 7mm size, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for various crafting and bonding applications.
  • Safety and Eco-Friendly: Harmless during operation, our hot melt glue sticks prioritize safety. They are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, contributing to a responsible crafting environment.
  • Versatile Bonding: Designed to bond a variety of materials including plastic, metal, wood, paper, electronic products, furniture, leather, handicrafts, shoes, coatings, and ceramics.

Packing List: 1 Piece of Black Hot Glue Stick (Small Size 7mm)

Invest in quality and reliability for your Sri Lankan crafting needs with our Hot Melt Glue Sticks—perfect for precision, strength, and versatility in every project.