Hot Melt Glue Stick, 11mm Large - Black (1Pc)

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Black, Large Size (11mm) Hot Glue Sticks

Crafted for superior quality and versatility in Sri Lanka. Each purchase includes one stick, delivering the perfect adhesive solution for your projects.


Color: Black
Size: 11mm x 220mm
Temperature: 110°C
Curing Method: Cooling
Type: Hot Melt Glue Sticks
Quantity: Price Per Piece

Key Features:

  • Swift Curing with EVA Adhesive: Our EVA-formulated hot melt adhesive ensures rapid curing, offering efficient results with strong adhesion and toughness.
  • Re-Adhesive Capability: The cured rubber layer can be reheated and melted again, providing flexibility and durability for your projects.
  • Standard 11mm Size: Specifically designed for compatibility with most hot melt glue guns, ensuring ease of use across various crafting applications.
  • Safety and Eco-Friendly: Harmless during operation, our hot glue sticks prioritize safety. They are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, contributing to a responsible crafting environment.
  • Versatile Bonding: Suitable for various materials, including plastic, metal, wood, paper, electronic products, furniture, leather, handicrafts, shoe materials, coatings, and ceramics.

What's Included: 1 Piece of Black 11mm Hot Melt Glue Stick (Price per Piece)

Choose our Large Size Hot Glue Sticks for reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly adhesive solutions. Elevate your Sri Lankan projects with superior bonding capabilities.