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All Types of Resin (Epoxy Resin, UV Resin, Polyester Resin and PU Resin) Colors, Solid & Transparent Pigments, Alcohol Ink, Resin Dye, Colorant, translucent tint, Glitter Powder.

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Resin Dye | Diffusion & Alcohol Ink | Glow in the Dark | Transparent Pigments | Pastel Colors | Resin Colorant Tint

Explore our extensive range of epoxy resin colorants, including powder pigments and liquid dyes, perfect for resin jewelry making, crafts decorations, river tables, resin pour art, garment accessories, and other DIY projects. Our highly concentrated liquid resin colorants offer single-drop control, allowing you to achieve the perfect shade with ease. Discover a variety of types and colors, all available in Sri Lanka.

Why Buy Resin Pigments from Artland?
1. Extensive Selection: We offer a comprehensive range of resin colors at competitive prices.
2. Premium Quality: Our resin pigments are sourced from top manufacturers in China, UK, Japan & Turkey.
3. Reliable Stock: Unlike other sellers, we consistently stock pigments and ensure continuous imports, so you always find the color you need.
4. Local Availability: Our resin pigments are stocked locally in Sri Lanka, guaranteeing quick and efficient delivery.
5. Expert Support: We test all our resin colors and provide detailed user information and support.

Discover our collection and craft unique creations with our high-quality resin pigments, dyes, and inks!