Silicone Jar Mold with Lid

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Jar Molds with Lid, Perfect for Epoxy Resin Casting

Crafting with resin reaches new heights with our specialized jar resin mold, meticulously designed for Epoxy Resin Casting.

  • Versatile use: Perfect for jewelry organization, candy storage, makeup brush holders, and more.
  • Customize with dry flowers, pearl pigments, mica powder, glitter, or sequins for personalized creations.
  • Experiment with resin pigments, dyes, inks, and embellishments to craft jars reflecting your unique style.

Size: Dimensions: 3.54"/9cm x 2.95" / 7.5cm

Package Includes: 2Pcs - 1x jar resin mold with 1x lid.

Experience the fusion of functionality and creativity with our Jar Resin Mold, unlocking endless possibilities for your resin crafting endeavors.