Silica Gel Powder/Sand for Drying Flowers

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White Silica Gel Powder/Sand for Flower Drying

A blend of silica powder, comprising fine to medium-sized particles, to effectively fill the small gaps between flower petals.

Silica gel is reusable, can be reactivated with heat to dry out the moisture. Which makes these packets perfect for keeping things dry and moisture-free.

Silica Powder for Flower Preservation

In the realm of flower preservation techniques, Silica Powder stands out as a remarkably efficient method. Unlike traditional approaches such as hang drying or pressing, CrystalRock Flower Drying Silica Powder offers superior results by swiftly absorbing moisture from plant materials with minimal discoloration and fading. This innovative solution streamlines the drying process, allowing flowers to retain their shape and vibrant color within a matter of days, and in some cases, mere hours. With Silica Powder, preserving the beauty of your blooms becomes a quick and effortless task.


Can be used for many times if dried properly (dry silica gel using correct method, degrade overtime).

Reactivate, remove moisture by Microwave, Oven, or Sun Drying.

An excellent product for drying flowers, dries flowers faster than silica beads.

Are you looking for Silica Gel Sand in Sri Lanka? Where to buy & Prices of Silica Gel Powder!

We can supply from 100g, 250g, 500g & 1kg sealed packs, or bulk, price start from Rs480 and can be purchase online or by visiting our shop at Homagama.

WHAT DO YOU GET? 1X 100G, 250G, 500G OR 1KG Silica gel Sand/Powder (Non Toxic, White Color)

How to Use? Dry Flowers: Put flower drying silica gel sand in to air tight container, place fresh flowers over the desiccant and seal, wait for 1-2 days. Check flowers are dry, if not dry enough, reactivate silica gel powder and repeat the process.

Hot to Reuse Silica Gel Powder (Reactivation):

Warning: If overheat (oven or Full power microwave oven), silica powder will lose the ability to hold moisture.

Silica gel powder can be "reactivated" by baking in the oven and using lowest power settings in the microwave. I also bought some of the little humidity indicator cards so I can monitor the humidity in my containers.

  1. Oven: Place in the conventional oven (electric) for 0.5 to 1 hours at 100-130 Celsius (DO NOT exceed 140 Celsius).
  2. Oven; Depending on the beads' condition, they may take shorter than the recommended time.
  3. Microwave: Microwave for about 7 to 12 minutes at lowest heat mode, avoid overheating, best to microwave 3-4 mins, 1-2 minutes break and repeat couple of times.
  4. Sun Dry: Place desiccant sand evenly spread on a large tray, place it on the direct sunlight. Sun dry may NOT work well to remove 100% moisture from silica, best to use oven meathod.
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    Better and cheaper than pettah

    Posted by Abdul Hasen on 26th Mar 2024

    bought lot of silica gel powder from pettah, but this silica powder has very low dust and dry flowers much faster. best of all, much cheaper.