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Paper Quilling Template Board

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Quilling Board in Sri Lanka: Your Creative Journey Begins Here!

Introducing the Quilling Mold Template Board - your key to unlocking flawless paper creations that captivate. Crafted with meticulous precision and innovative spirit, this quilling template board redefines the art of paper crafting, making intricate designs effortless. Prepare to step into a world where your creative visions come to life through the power of our quilling board – a true masterpiece that resonates with Sri Lanka's crafting enthusiasts.

Benefits & Advantages:

  • Innovative Craftsmanship: Revolutionize your crafting experience with our quilling board's fresh design, boasting an assortment of circle shapes in varying sizes that spark your creativity.
  • Consistency Redefined: Each mold comes equipped with an integrated scale, ensuring that your quilling patterns maintain unmatched uniformity throughout every project.
  • Effortless Workflow: Your journey starts with coiling paper using the slotted pen, followed by placing the coil within the desired mold. Secure corners or center with temporary pins to set your creation in motion.
  • Precision at Its Peak: Thanks to its ingenious self-healing cork surface, our template board enables you to pin down your designs with unwavering accuracy and confidence.
  • Diverse Shape Collection: Embark on artistic exploration as you uncover an array of pre-defined shapes – hearts, ovals, teardrops, and more. Elevate your creativity further with the included husking template.
  • Ample Dimensions: Measuring a generous 15 x 21cm, this quilling board offers abundant space, allowing your crafting dreams to unfold seamlessly.

What's Included: 1x Quilling Template Board

Transform Your Craft with Quilling Template Board Sri Lanka: Where Imagination Takes Shape!

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