Polymer Clay 20g Blocks (Oven Bake)

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20g Oven-Bake Polymer Clay Creations in Sri Lanka

Unleash your creativity with oven baked Polymer Clay Blocks, your crafting masterpiece awaits! Craft with ease as our clay remains pliable till it's oven-baked, ensuring crack-free wonders. Blend colors seamlessly for unique shapes, characters, and bespoke jewelry.

Polymer Clay Blocks 20 Grams Set:

  • 24 exquisite colors available
  • Professional-grade clay for figurines, jewelry, and more
  • Knead for initial softness, unlimited modifications
  • Ideal gift for craft enthusiasts, nurturing imagination

Baking/Crafting Methods:

  • Oven Bake: Heat at 135℃ for 15-30 mins (Recomended)
  • Hair Blower/Heat Gun: Quick hardening for smaller works (NOT the best way)

Safety First:

  • Ages 3 and below: Choking hazard
  • Clay handling caution: Protect your eyes
  • Ventilated workspace for baking
  • Contact us for assistance anytime

What's Included: 1x Piece of Oven Baked Polymer Clay (Choose Your Color)

Craft wonders with confidence using our Polymer Clay Blocks. Unfold the artistry, Sri Lanka!