Mini Dried Fowers for Nail Art & Resin

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Mini Dried Flowers for Nail Art & Resin

Enhance your nail art with our Mini Dried Flowers. These tiny, real natural flowers are perfect for creating stunning 3D designs on your nails. Ideal for both nail technicians and home enthusiasts, these delicate Gypsophila flowers bring a touch of nature to your manicure or resin jewelry projects.

Beautiful & Intact: Each pack contains vibrant, well-preserved flowers ready to use.

Versatile Use: Let your creativity flow! Perfect for decorating nails, mobile phones, laptops, invitation cards, and resin jewelry. Compatible with natural and artificial nails, they are easy to apply with gel or acrylic and simple to remove.

Caution: Dry flowers intended for resin, nail, candle, art & craft purposes only. Not suitable for consumption or food preparation.
අවවාදයයි: රේසින්, නියපොතු, ඉටිපන්දම්, කලා සහ ශිල්පීය අරමුණු සඳහා පමණක් මෙම වියළි මල් භාවිතා ක‍රන්න. පරිභෝජනයට හෝ ආහාර සැකසීමට සුදුසු නොවේ.

Tips for Use:

Handle with care; flowers are delicate.
Soak flowers in water for 1-3 minutes before application.
Experiment with glitter, rhinestones, and paints for unique designs.

What's Include: Comes in a small plastic container, mixed color mini flowers about 0.5g.