Mica Powder Pigment for Resin & Soap (5g)

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Hi-Quality Mica Pearl Luster Pigments in Sri Lanka

Are you a beginner or a professional resin artist in Sri Lanka seeking to elevate your creations? Our premium-grade Mica pearl luster pigments are ideal for resin craft, epoxy flooring, soap coloring, cosmetics, nail art, bath bombs, and paint..etc

Unleash Your Creativity with Mica Pigment Powder

Discover why Mica pigment powder is the top choice for resin artists and hobbyists across Sri Lanka. Crafted from predominantly natural materials, our Mica pigments are not only safe but also non-toxic, ensuring peace of mind as you create. Coated with a blend of organic and inorganic pigments, these special effect pigments create mesmerizing pearlescent and iridescent effects, reminiscent of natural stone formations.

Key Features to Elevate Your Artistry:

  • Cosmetic Grade, Non-toxic: Perfect for a wide range of applications, although we recommend testing before use on skin/body.
  • Heat-resistant epoxy resin color pigments: Ensuring your creations maintain their vibrancy.
  • Easy to mix: Seamlessly blend with resin, oil, or water for versatile projects.
  • Premium grade: Fast mixing powder for convenient coloring of resin.

Multiple Uses, Infinite Possibilities

Explore endless creative possibilities with our Mica pigments. From acrylic paint and slime to polymer clay and candle making, these pigments are versatile companions for all your artistic ventures.

Technical Details

Brand/Manufacturer: Kolortek/Seisso/Mingchen/Shuiyang (availability may vary)
Application: Cosmetics, nails, paints, coatings, and more.
Particle Size: 5-25μm / 10-60μm
Density: Approximately 3g/cm³
Chemical resistance: Ensuring durability in various environments.
Heat resistance: Suitable for applications requiring thermal stability.
Non-magnetic: Ideal for diverse applications.
Excellent light resistance: Maintaining color brilliance over time.
Oil absorption: 90+20g/100g

What's Included: 5g Mica Powder, sealed in a zip lock bag

Similar Colors List:

Royal Blue: Similar to Dark Blue, Navy Blue, Pearl Blue, Sapphire blue
Dark Green: Similar to Emerald Green
Light Green: Similar to Fruit Green, Apple Green, Pine Needle Green
Grass Green: Similar to Neon Green
Army Green: Similar to Olive Green
Rustic Brown: Similar to Brown, Coffee
Dark Gray: Similar to Silver Black
Olive: Similar to Khaki Green
Pear White: Similar to Crystal White
Hot Pink: Close variant to Magenta

Color Codes List:

KT-7102 Satin White 5-25μm (White)
KT-6094 Satin White Grey 5-25μm
KT-225 White/Blue Pearl 10-60μm (Dual-colour effect)
KT-6070 Saffron (Orange)
KT-6040 Ocean Blue
KT-6013 Lemon Yellow
KT-6014 Dark Yellow
KT-6054 Fruit Green
KT-6080 Cooper Brown
KT-6094 Satin White Grey (ASH)
KT-6050 Fresh Green (Light Green)
KT-6032 Violet Blue (Deep Purple)
KT-500 Bronze 10-60μm (Copper Brown)
KT-320 Gold 10-60μm
KT-6091 Black Grey 10-60μm
KT-6914 Black Pearl 10-60μm
KT-510 Coffee 10-60μm (Chocolate)
KT-534 Flash Wine Red 10-60μm (Rose Gold)
KT-6055 Blackish Green 10-60μm (Dark Green)
KT-6813 Deep Brown 10-60μm (Dark Brown)
KT-6090 Luster Grey 10-60μm
KT-6043 Sky Blue 10-60μm
KT-6040 Ocean Blue
KT-6026 Shine Red (Pink)

Mixing Instructions (for optimal results): Ensure thorough mixing of the mica pigment with the resin to prevent clumps and speckles. When mixing pigment powders, create a "base" by combining the desired amount of mica powder with a small portion of Part A resin before adding it to the remainder of the resin and stirring thoroughly.

Elevate your artistic creations with our premium-grade Mica pearl luster pigments, designed to inspire and delight craft enthusiasts across Sri Lanka.