Key Tags, Keychain, Pendant Resin Molds

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Perfect Resin Molds for Key Chains

Ideal for jewelry and craft projects with our variety of geometric pendant silicone molds. These molds are perfect for creating earrings, pendants, or key tags, offering endless possibilities for customization.

Why Choose Our Resin Molds?

  • Diverse Designs: Choose from 16 unique shapes including heart, star, round, oval, rectangle, square, cloud, hexagon, flower, teardrop, crown, and more.
  • High-Quality Material: Made from durable, transparent silicone that ensures easy release and long-lasting use.
  • Versatile Use: Compatible with a wide range of casting materials such as epoxy resin, UV resin, plaster, wax, and more.
  • Perfect for All Skill Levels: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crafter, these molds are easy to use and perfect for any project.


Material: Silicone
Color: Transparent
Package Includes: 1 Resin Mold

What's Included: 1 Silicone Mold of Your Choice: Select from 16 different designs to suit your creative needs.

Create stunning, custom jewelry and accessories with our high-quality silicone molds. Perfect for personal projects or handmade gifts, these molds are a must-have for any crafting enthusiast.