Candle Wick Centering Tool

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Candle Wick Centering Tool for Easy Candle Making

Are you a passionate candle maker seeking precision and ease in your craft? Look no further than our Metal Candle Wick Holder/Centering Tool. This stainless steel tool is designed to simplify your candle-making process, ensuring your wick is perfectly centered every time. In this guide, we'll explore its specifications, advantages, and how to use it effectively.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver/SS
  • Size: Approximately 10cm x 2.5cm
  • Compatibility: Suitable for containers with a width ranging from 45mm to 90mm

Advantages of the Product: Crafted from robust iron, our Candle Wick Holder is built to withstand the test of time. Its durability ensures it will serve you well over countless candle-making sessions. Here are the key advantages:

Precise Wick Placement: Achieve impeccable wick alignment effortlessly, resulting in beautifully crafted candles.

Hands-Free Operation: This tool eliminates the need to manually hold the wick in place, allowing you to focus on perfecting your candle-making technique.

How to Use

  • Using our Candle Wick Holder is a breeze:
  • Prepare Your Container: Ensure your candle container is clean and ready for use.
  • Place the Holder: Position the Candle Wick Holder on top of the container.
  • Wick Insertion: Gently slide your candle wick through the center hole of the holder. The tool will automatically center the wick for you.
  • Secure and Create: With the wick securely centered, you're free to pour your wax, add fragrance, and create your candle masterpiece.

Metal Candle Wick Holder/Centering Tool is an indispensable accessory for candle makers of all levels. Its durability, convenience, and precise wick centering make it an essential tool in your candle-making toolkit. Elevate your craft and create stunning candles effortlessly with this invaluable tool.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1x Metal Wick Centering Holder Tool