Introducing Crystal Rock's Super Clear Epoxy Resin: Achieve Artistic Brilliance with Ease!

Introducing Crystal Rock's Super Clear Epoxy Resin: Achieve Artistic Brilliance with Ease!

Posted by Bawantha Perera on 9th Jun 2024

Attention all artists and resin enthusiasts! We have some exciting news to share. Artland is proud to announce the arrival of our latest addition to the Crystal Rock family: the Super Clear Epoxy Resin. This remarkable new product is set to revolutionize the way you work with epoxy resin, offering unparalleled clarity, versatility, and ease of use.

South Korean Technology (Kukdo Brand), Crystal Rock's Super Clear Epoxy Resin has been specially formulated to provide you with the ultimate resin experience. One of the standout features of our Super Clear Epoxy Resin is its unique 2:1 mixing ratio. Unlike other epoxy resins on the market, you have the freedom to mix by weight or volume. 2:1 ratio is the recommended ratio for optimal performance. However, we understand that there are situations where a 1:1 ratio might be preferred for smaller projects, and our epoxy resin is versatile enough to accommodate both ratios. Mixing in a 1:1 ratio can provide a faster curing time, typically within 6-12hours, while opting for the standard 2:1 ratio extends the curing time to 12-18 hours.

Whichever ratio you choose, rest assured that our epoxy resin is designed to deliver consistent and reliable results every time. Please be aware that when using a 1:1 ratio, the exothermic reaction may generate more heat, potentially causing increased bubbles in the mixture, especially in higher temperatures. Therefore, for larger or heat-sensitive projects, we recommend using the 2:1 ratio to achieve the best clarity and bubble-free results.

Choose your preferred approach with Crystal Rock's Super Clear Epoxy Resin. We offer the convenience of resin and hardener packs or the flexibility to purchase them separately. It's your choice, enabling you to unleash your creativity in the way that suits you best. Experience the freedom to create with Crystal Rock's Super Clear Epoxy Resin.

Let's explore the possibilities of thickness and working time with Crystal Rock's Super Clear Epoxy Resin. When you mix the resin in a 1:1 ratio, you can achieve a pouring thickness of approximately 3mm (maximum), and you'll have a pot life of 8-10 minutes. If you're aiming for more substantial layers, the 2:1 ratio allows you to achieve an impressive 10mm thickness, and you'll have a pot life of 15-20 minutes. With this level of control and ample working time, you can confidently bring your artistic visions to life, whether you're creating delicate jewelry pieces or large-scale resin artworks. Unleash your creativity with Crystal Rock's Super Clear Epoxy Resin and enjoy the perfect balance of thickness and pot life for your projects.

Here are the key benefits of Crystal Rock's Super Clear Epoxy Resin:

  1. Unparalleled Clarity: Experience the breathtaking beauty of your artwork with the super clear and high transparency of this epoxy resin. Say goodbye to any yellowing or cloudiness that can diminish the vibrancy of your creations.
  2. Non-Yellowing Formula: Preserve the original colors and clarity of your artwork over time. Crystal Rock's Super Clear Epoxy Resin is formulated with a non-yellowing formula, ensuring that your creations stay vibrant and free from any discoloration.
  3. High Gloss Finish: Achieve a professional and glossy finish that enhances the visual impact of your artwork. The Crystal Rock Super Clear Epoxy Resin provides a stunning sheen that elevates the overall aesthetic appeal.
  4. Self-Leveling: Enjoy the convenience of a self-leveling epoxy resin. This feature allows the resin to spread evenly and smoothly, eliminating the need for excessive manual leveling or manipulation. Achieve perfectly flat and smooth surfaces effortlessly.
  5. Medium Viscosity: Crystal Rock's Super Clear Epoxy Resin has a medium viscosity, striking the perfect balance between flow-ability and control. It pours and spreads easily, making it ideal for various applications, including coating, casting, and embedding.
  6. Versatile Mixing Ratios: Use 2:1 mixing ratio for optimal performance. However, Super Clear Epoxy Resin support 1:1 ratio, 2:1 ratio, or anything in between. Whether you prefer precise measurements or prefer to experiment, this resin allows you to customize your curing time and pouring thickness according to your artistic vision. There are limitations and possible issues, so please read the instructions or call us before you use 1:1 ratio.
  7. Easy Measurement: Whether you prefer measuring by weight or volume, Crystal Rock's Super Clear Epoxy Resin accommodates your preferred method, making it convenient and user-friendly. Say goodbye to complex calculations and hello to hassle-free resin mixing.
  8. Deep Pour Ability: Take your artwork to the next level with the deep pour capability of this epoxy resin. Create stunning resin river tables, ocean-inspired landscapes, and encapsulate various objects with ease. Explore new dimensions of creativity with the confidence that this resin can handle your ambitious projects.
  9. Reliable and Consistent Results: With Crystal Rock's Super Clear Epoxy Resin, you can trust in the consistency and reliability of your outcomes. The resin's precise formulation and quality manufacturing ensure that you achieve the desired results with every use.
  10. Endless Artistic Possibilities: Explore the boundless opportunities this epoxy resin unlocks for your creativity. From jewelry making and resin art to furniture coating and more, Crystal Rock's Super Clear Epoxy Resin empowers you to push the boundaries of your artistic expression.

Elevate your artwork to new heights with Crystal Rock's Super Clear Epoxy Resin. Discover the extraordinary clarity, non-yellowing properties, self-leveling ability, medium viscosity, versatility, and high gloss finish that will set your creations apart. Unleash your imagination and bring your artistic visions to life with this exceptional resin.

Crystal Rock's Super Clear Epoxy Resin is here to transform your resin art experience. Explore its incredible clarity, reliability, and ease of use, and let your imagination run wild. Visit our store today or reach out to us directly to secure your supply of this game-changing resin. Elevate your art with Crystal Rock and experience a world of possibilities like never before!

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