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Bubble Buster Resin Bubble Remover Spray

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‎Rs590.00 - ‎Rs1,100.00
0.12 KGS

Bubble Buster - 100ml/200ml Spray

Experience the magic of Bubble Buster, your ultimate solution for achieving impeccably smooth surfaces with ease. This innovative 100ml/200ml bottle of Bubble Remover Spray is your secret weapon against unsightly bubbles, ensuring your projects always achieve a professional finish.

Country of Origin: India

How to Use Bubble Buster:

  1. Prepare Your Surface: Start by gently pouring your chosen resin onto your project's surface. Allow it to rest for a brief 5-10-minute period to ensure it's ready for the next step.
  2. Apply Bubble Buster: Hold the Bubble Buster spray approximately 30 cm away from the surface and apply a single, even spray. Do Not mix or stir the resin afterward.
  3. Witness the Magic: Be amazed as Bubble Buster works its wonders. Within seconds, those bothersome surface bubbles will vanish, leaving behind a flawless, bubble-free surface.
  4. Let It Dry: After eliminating the bubbles, No not move your artwork, simply allow your work to dry naturally. Bubble Buster ensures a seamless finish, allowing you to confidently proceed with your project.

Key Features and Benefits:

Unique Formula: Enhance surface gloss after bubble removal, resulting in luxurious and beautiful creations.
Pure 99% Alcohol: Crafted from medical-grade, pure alcohol, free from fillers or water for predictable, high-quality results.
Versatile: Suitable for various purposes, including air bubble removal, disinfection, effects with metallic pigments, cleaning silicone molds, and more.
Compatibility: Works seamlessly with any epoxy resin.
Degreaser: Ideal for pre-casting surface preparation and cleaning uncured epoxy residues.

Usage Tips:

Only apply to the surface; it does not remove bubbles within/inside the epoxy resin.
Avoid excessive spraying, as it may disrupt the surface or curing process.

Warning: Extremly flamable. Do Not use blow naked flame after spray.

WHAT DO YOU GET? 100ml or 200ML Bubble Buster Spray Bottle

Say goodbye to bubble-related frustrations and say hello to perfection with Bubble Buster. Create like a pro with our dependable bubble remover spray. Your projects deserve nothing less.

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