Artland closed from Sept 28th to Oct 1st for public holidays. No deliveries until Oct 2nd. Please refrain from paying for previous orders; we'll resume courier services on Oct 2nd.
Artland සැප්තැම්බර් 28 සිට ඔක්තෝබර් 1 දක්වා වසා ඇත. ඔක්තොම්බර් 2 දක්වා බෙදා හැරීම් නොකෙරේ. කරුණාකර පෙර ඇණවුම් සඳහා ගෙවීමෙන් වළකින්න; අපි ඔක්තෝම්බර් 2 වැනිදා කුරියර් සේවා නැවත ආරම්භ කරන්නෙමු.


Welcome to our exquisite collection of resin stands, magnets, and lights. Discover a world of possibilities as you explore our carefully curated selection. Enhance the beauty of your resin art with our fairy lights, creating a whimsical atmosphere. Add a touch of charm to your fridge with our magnets, perfect for displaying your favorite memories. Showcase your resin masterpieces with our mini easels, capturing attention and admiration. Elevate your resin art experience with our versatile range of stands, magnets, and lights.

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