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Square Silicone Resin Mold with Wooden Support

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Square Silicone Resin Molds with Wooden Support - Flowers Preservation

Enhance your crafting experience with our Square Silicone Resin Molds, thoughtfully designed for creative projects. Perfect for encapsulating treasures like dried flowers and gemstones, these molds enable crafting resin decorations, paperweights, and botanical-inspired art.

  • Durable & Versatile: Crafted from premium silicone, these molds are durable, flexible, and reusable. Their lightweight, soft composition ensures ease of use.
  • Generous Dimensions: Measuring 15 x 15 x 5cm (6 x 6 x 2in), they accommodate deep-pour epoxy resin for intricate pieces.
  • Wide-Ranging Applications: Craft bookends, home decor, and keepsakes.

Explore DIY crafting with Kawaii Flowers, epoxy resin, UV resin, clay, pigments, dried flowers, and glitter powder. Create personalized treasures radiating creativity and charm.


Mould Material: Silicone
Support Stand Material: Wood
Shape: Square
Size: Approx. 15 x 15 x 5cm (6 x 6 x 2in)

Package includes: 1x Large Square Silicone Mold, 6x6 inches and 2 inches deep.

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